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Terms & Conditions

Its readers and visitors are welcome to use its website subject to a number of terms and conditions. If anyone has an objection to the Terms of Use or any terms of the Privacy Policy, they may raise the matter with Fleo by phone or email, but have the right to reject or accept such objections.


Fleo does not guarantee that all content on this site, such as news, quotes, data, images/videos, and multimedia content, and other information, is always accurate, although our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers. There is no guarantee that the content of this site will be uninterrupted or flawless. It is also not fair to decide whether to transact or trade based on content. Content provided by Fleo is for information only and does not make any suggestions or recommendations.

Policy for comments

Readers’ comments should be related to the content or content of the news report and Fleo should not be responsible for comments or opinions expressed by readers. Your comments are subject to cutting, cropping, or editing and we reserve the right to refuse to delete or publish your content at any time.

Communication by Fleo

Complaint procedure

Fleo recognizes all allegations of receipt and resolves all complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible.